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Tooru Furuya & Keiko Han,
Disney's Dream Duets


Because anewe9 and I can’t get enough SeiSao

So Seiya and Saori have actually a duet, thanks to Disney~~~ Well not officially, but Tooru and Keiko singing a romantic ballad, yes plz. We’ll take it from there thank you!
I could go on on why this is PERFECT in every sense, like the sweet, harmonies Tooru makes to Keiko’s voice, or how lovely their interpretation is, but I’ll let the Japanese lyrics of Beauty and the Beast, Bijou to Yaju, do the work for me.. or them 8D:

A wonderful story
timidly touching fingers together
And so, little by little
Kindness opens love’s door

There is only one truth

 That is that happiness
can’t be hidden from anyone

There is only one truth

That is that happiness
can’t be hidden from anyone

Like a nostalgic ancient song 

that keeps frozen even through the changing seasons
And so, little by little
kindness opens love’s door

Kindness opens
love’s door

If that’s not the perfect song for those two…


And yes I totally imagine them going to the karaoke and making Shun and Co. roll their eyes, because those two are totally not flirting. Nope. Also forgive the sketchiness I can’t do better ATM 


Saint Seiya | Seiya & Saori (now and then)

I will not give my life until I’ve saved Seiya. i will raise my hands against you if necessary. - Saori (Next Dimension vol 2)